We work with organizations, teams, team members, individual contributors, new managers, and senior leadership.  Most importantly?

We Work With People.

Aculasek Consulting works with a diverse group of industries and organizations.  Our specialization is building high performance teams and establishing cross-cultural competency in the workplace -- critical components in any organization engaged with a diverse workforce.

We have direct experience in Fortune 100 companies, start-ups, non-profit organizations, government, high-risk industries such as mining or petroleum, and family owned businesses.  A select client list is found on this page.

We look forward to helping you build and maintain a team performing with excellence.

What We Do Works.

"Aculasek Consulting is able to see things happening in an organization that most of us are blind to, understand the parts and their connections, the antecedents to the actions and behaviors, and introduce ideas and conversations into the group that begin to transform the way work gets done and improve the performance of an organization.”