Building High Performance Teams

Effective teams need more than a vision, roles, and responsibilities. They need a deep understanding of what it is to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate.

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The Challenge

Your organization somehow is not performing the way you want. You know your teams could be stronger, more productive, more effective, more engaged… but something isn’t clicking.  That spark isn’t as strong as it should be. New ideas have collapsed into the comfortable “business as usual.”

You don’t want a Band Aid approach.  You don’t want a cookie-cutter solution.

What you want are results that work, that are sustainable, and that produce a work environment in which people ably respond to external change, who make effective decisions, generate new thinking, create cutting edge products, provide exceptional service.  

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"AC is able to see things happening in an organization that most of us are blind to, understand the parts and their connections, the antecedents to the actions and behaviors, and introduce ideas and conversations into the group that begin to transform the way work gets done and improve the performance of an organization.”

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Our Approach

We start with a conversation.  We talk with you to see what you see, and we have similar conversations with your team and your colleagues to gain their perspectives.  From these data points we generate a needs assessment, a report both informative and analytical.  From there, we partner with you to create a plan of action, which includes a clear idea of what you need, the path to get there, and a plan to monitor and evaluate our progress as we move forward.

Embedded in this process is attention to your work culture. Discovering the nuances and blindspots underlying your cultural environment can quickly illuminate how norms and expectations may not match.  The goal is to help you be effective and inspire high performance from your teams, managers, and organization.

We work with executives and leaders; teams; managers; and individual contributors.   All of our work is tailored to fit your specific culture and that of your colleagues.  

Our work also closely coordinates and collaborates with senior leadership and individual team managers.  Serving as advisors, we equip leaders to continue practices of excellence so a team's performance thrives long after we depart.

No two organizations are the same, and we work together to ensure our work is specific to your needs and concerns.  You will walk away with practical, relevant, and timely information you can apply immediately.  

Next Steps.

It starts when you reach out . Let's talk about what is happening, and we'll see if we can help.