Building Teams in High-Risk Industries

Whether your industry is oil and gas, mining, construction, military, manufacturing, or other high-risk endeavors, you share a common concern:

Get the job done while preserving the safety of your employees.

Often lives are on the line -- and so the stakes are high.  You need your team members to willingly call out a problem when it's noticed, or suggest a different approach when it can be done better.  As the Team Lead, Manager, or Executive, you want your people at every level of an organization operating incident-free while maintaining the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

It's essential for the well-being and attrition of your staff, the public identity of your company, and ultimately your business bottom line.

Here is where AC steps in.

Based on years of experience in the field, we help you generate a safety culture that leads people to speak out when needed and --importantly -- remain loyal to the organization.

We give you the glue between your people being safe and completing the task successfully.


Our Approach

Aculasek Consulting specializes in building productive, safe, and agile teams with significantly reduced incidents in high-risk industries.  Our field experience working on-site with clients is specifically tailored to the demands of high-risk industries.

We help you to expand what you do well, and help you understand why and how to shift the culture in order to create a safe, sustainable and high-performance environment.  We have experience in coordinating our work with ISSO-9001 safety standards, and we work closely with management to identify where safety lapses are most vulnerable.  We tailor our work to align with your specific objectives, and provide team support on-site.  Our goal is to generate high performance teams with significantly decreased incidents, a culture of trust, and commitment to the organization's goals.


Next Steps.

Our work with high-risk industries is unique and trusted.  Give us a call -- and let's talk about options.