As managers, you are managing the existing train tracks.
As leaders, you are laying new tracks.


So how do you do this effectively, inspire your people, build a cohesive team, and make sure organization needs are being met?


To be sure, it does not happen with a title change or a couple of leadership books.

Based on decades of personal and consultative experience, AC teaches the practice of management and the skills of leadership.  We incorporate the lessons  taught by other leaders as we apply our own distinctions and practices in a highly unique, comprehensive program.  We touch on all sides of managing and leading, starting with our humanness, our society and organizational culture, and our ways of interacting.

Why start there?  Because individuals and organizations contain diversity, even if located and operated in a small community.  While different perspectives, work styles, traditions, norms, and expectations can stimulate innovation and new thinking, differences can also interfere with productivity, effective work relationships, and team dynamics.

From this foundation we move into skill development, consistent coaching, and practical application lessons.  All of this work combined is captured in The Sherpa Walk, a way of understanding leading and managing that allows you and your teams to thrive, and allow an employee's contributions to flourish.


Your Next Step

Take a moment and reach out -- figuring this out doesn't happen by yourself.

Consider us your sherpa guides along the leadership path.